New Version Pxmalion CoreI3 3D Printer DIY Kit

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Core I3 3D Printer DIY Kit

Pxmalion CoreI3 is improved based on the original i3 structure. The 2 Z motion screws are driven by one stepper motor, which eliminates the synchronization issue that occurs in 2-motor designs and improves motion transmission precision and efficiency.

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3D Pen Filament Refills

A Save-You-Money 3D Filament Set with 24 colors. It measures 40ft per each color. You will have a total set of 960ft. Each color is packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag with desiccant to prevent humidity and ensure the best printing performance.

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MINI Desktop 3D Printer

Pxmalion Mini 3D printer is an entry-level 3D printer from Pxmalion. It has a relatively small footprint, with a smaller than average print area – however, the emphasis here is on ease of assembly and use.

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T320 3D Printer

Pxmalion T320 is a good budget pick for both hobbyists and beginners. This is an open-frame 3D printer with a large print size designed for those who want to step up their game but don’t want to overspend.